Where does my money go?

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Your personal tax burden

In Meieraha (Ourmoney) you can calculate your individual tax burden. Our individual income varies - as salaries, dividends and pensions are all different. On the cost side, we all have different consumption habits and other expenses. To get a realistic result, we ask you for a range of data.

Insert your income and expenses below and find out how much you actually pay the state in taxes.

Different kinds of taxes

Income and social taxes are collected based on one’s salary (part of it being paid by the employer and part of it being withheld from the salary). When buying goods and services, you pay VAT. When you buy goods such as alcohol and tobacco products, you pay an excise duty. This means your income is taxed twice and sometimes even three times. All these taxes combined make up the total tax burden.

Where does your money go?

In addition to your tax burden, Meieraha lets you know where your money goes in the state budget. Taking into consideration the expenses of the public sector (incl. the central government, local governments and social security funds), we show you how much of your taxes is spent on the government sector, national defence, education, social care and other areas.

To see how much the state spends on all these areas combined, choose State Budget from the menu.

General Tax Burden

NB! The real tax burden here is not the same as the general tax burden of the state. In international comparisons the ratio of the income collected by the state as taxes to GDP is used as the indicator of the general tax burden. For further information on taxes and the tax burden please go to the Ministry of Finance homepage.

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